Insecurity have been the major problem the northern part of nigeria is facing for years, which results a set-back and their infrastructural, economical, agricultural and educational development.

This is a well researched article on insecurity challenges affecting the north and the way out as opinned by some concerned Nigerians.


There are many factors that may result or influence the rise of insecurity in the northern region, in this article we will discuss on the major three (3) fctors.


It is if no doubt that some of the insecurity challenge faced in the north are political.

There power play and over-ambition of some politicians lead them to willfully encourage and atvtimes sponsor the procurement of weapons just to achieve their political ambitions and goals.


 Lacking the benefits of being administered by good leaders is a factor, as any leader who is in office to procure his personal gain wont bother about the situations citizens are and the security challenges they are facing not to talk of finding solutions.

All a bad could do is to oppress citizens, train thugs who atlast will turn into arm robbers, bandits or kidnapers or engage into other illegal activities after being dumped by the politician after elections.


It is often said " An Idle man is a devils workshop". Increase in employment results increase in crime rate.

Unemployed people now engage themselves into illegal activities such as robbery, kidnapping, bunkery to mention but few.


Boko Haram insurgency began in 26th July 2009 by a so-called acclaimed Islamic jihadist group.

 NB: Boko Haram is non-islamic group as it goes against the teachings of Islam, as islam advocates peace and unity among people.

The Jihadist group (as they call themselves) started an armed rebellion agaist the Nigerian government.

Boko Haram is now 11 years, 2 months, 2 weeks and 3 days old in existence in Borno and Yobe state of Nigeria.

And have killed total of 51,567 people and internally displaced people rise to 2,400,000 according to wikipedia.

1,957 insurgents are killed and 1,713 have surrendered.



Banditry affected populations living at Zamfara, Kaduna, Sokoto, Niger Katsina and Kebbi states in the North West. About 21 Million residents of these states are exposed to insecurity due to bandita activities.

Banditry began as a farmer/herder conflict in 2011 and got intensified around 2017, which results other crime activities including Kidnapping, Sexual violence, Killings amd Cattle rustling.

More than 210,000 people have been internally displaced and above 35,000 refugees have crossed communal borders, where as 1,282 fatalitie were reported.


nigerian army

Nigeria is a country with 130,000 active frontline personnel, 32,000 active reserve personnel in the Nigerian army, 371,800 officera in the Nigerian Police Force, 7,500 active personnels in the Mutination Joint Task Force and tens of thousand number of Militias and Vigilantes as sourced from Wikipedia.

Nigerian army

To find a way out on how to tackle the issue of insecurity in Northern Nigeria, we've compiled the opinions of some concerned nigerians liste below:

First Opinion

In other to end or tackle banditry and insurgency in northern Nigeria I think the following points of mine should be considered highly:

1. There is need for government to convene a grand security summit targeting northern elite, traditional rulers, politicians, political party, regional advocacy groups, security experts of the northern Nigeria to come to the table and rigorously discuss security in-depth towards tackling insurgency and banditry.

2. There is an emergency need for a holistic review of the nation's security framework. the centralized system of defense and policing has proven to be ineffective in a country like Nigeria, all case should be handled and monitored by the indegenes of a particular region that has a full knowledge of the region peculiar,local inhabitants, cultural affairs and geographical aspects and can also proffer peculiar solutions that will be related to the region's ensecurity dynamics so with this view you will get to apprehend that there is no need for any security personnel to be posted to any region or State rather than his state of origin.

I will conclude by praying to the northern Nigeria may Allah with his best of all doing end banditry and insurgency and to my country Nigeria at large.


Abdul'a'ala Ahmad Muhammad

Second Opinion

To ensure better human security in the northern nigeria 

To employed job for the youth

Aisha Abubakar

Third Opinion

The problem can only get resolved if our leaders change change their mode of governance

Usman Saleh

Fourth Opinion

Unemployment is the cause of all this problems, unless its tackled security will not reign.

Haruna Abdullahi

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