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It is of no doubt that employment is one of the factors that promote peace and unity among individuals in any country.

It is often said, an idle man is devil's workshop, lack of employment will give rise to insecurity and increasement in terrorism rate.

Employment gives people the power to earn, spend and save money and also meet their basic needs.

This article will highlight some of the most robust factors that promote guaranteed employment.

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Below are some of the definition of the terms that will be featured in this article.


Is the state of working for pay or salary.
It is a contract between two parties, that is the employer and the employee.

An employee is in the service of an emplyer who has the power to direct him (the employee) on how the work is to be performed. The employer also has the power to terminate the appointment of employee when his services are no longer needed.


Is the state of not having enough money to take care of one's basic needs such as foods, clothing and housing. To alleviate means to lessen or reduce the intensity of something.


Talks about the various programmes created to reduce the level of poverty among its citizes.

The principal by which government tries to alleviate poverty is by embarking on programmes that can generate employment for the people.

This is because of the belief that when people are employed, there will be an improvement in their living standards, thus reducing the poverty level.


There are many factors that promote guaranteed employment, among which are:


Free education is one of the factors that promotes guaranteed employment.

Provisioning of free education will ensure everyone goes to school and have qualitative education, as many peoples excuse for not going to school is the fact that they have no one to sponsor their education and they can't do it on their own.

When everyone have access to free education, a country will have much more productive youth that can uplift the statue of that country, and where there is high level of productivity there will be an increase in national prosperity.

It is true and raw fact that no country can provide jobs to each of its citizens, but if the citizens are educated they can create job opportunities for themselves, and this is a win-win situation for both the government and the citizens.

And by providing free education, many if not most will switch back to public (government owned) schools to reduce cost of living (since it's free), and having more students will results the need for more teachers and by this many employed youth in the educational line/sector will get jobs.

Free education will promote:

- High level of literacy: There will many learned individuals, this is because education is free, many refuse to send their children to school because thy can't afford paying the fees.

- High level of skilled labour: Free education will breed much more educated youth which will directly promote skilled labour

- Increase in saving: Citizens will no longer cry for hardship or poverty or atleast the cry will drastically reduce, since education is the second most expensive priority to every citizen after Feeding, lifting fees for education will help reduce cost of living as the school fees will be used for other important issues.

- Reduce the rate of terrorism: once citizens are well learned and educated, it will be hard to see them engage in any terroristic act, so by providing free educatiom the government is also eradicating terrorism by uprooting it.


As it is said; a healthy nation is a wealthy nation, not just economic activities, no any activity can take place without adequate and proper health, the outbreak of corona virus is a good example.

To engage in any economic activity citizens need to be healthy, and many couldn't afford to pay hospital fees and this make many citizens loose their individual jobs and rely on government for assistance.

If medical shall be made free, the rate of employment will drastically reduce, as a citizen won't let sickness take him down to the extent that he can't go out for job, which will help lessen the rate of poverty and hardship in any country.

Citizens can as well use the medical fee to empower and further strengthen their individual businesses or start a business, this is a win-win situation for both citizens and the government; as the government wouldn't need to bother on providing job to its citizens but rather concentrate on other things and the citizens wouldn't wait for government job opportunities but rather concentrate on enhancing and promoting their business.

There are many jobs and businesses citizens can start such as tailoring, welding, knitting, sales of accessories, provision stores, electrical repairs etc , but all can't be done in the absense of good health.

Provisioning of free medical care will:

- Make a healthy nation: Country will be healthy, this is because no one will sit at home when sick without medication after knowing that he don't have to pay a dime for medical care as it is free. And a healthy nation will have a high tendency of development.

- More Employment Vacancies: Free medical care will attract most (if not all) citizens to government owned hospitals, and having more patients will result the need for more doctors, nurses and other health related professionals, this will help provide and secure employment to unemployed youth in the health related sector.

- Lessen Citizens dependence on Government: Providing free medical care will help reduce citizens dependence on government as it will make them concentrate on their individual businesses and jobs since their medical care is on their government's shoulder.

- Reduce poverty rate: Free medical care can help reduce poverty rate among citizens, this is because they can use their hospital bill (which is now free) to stock food and othe essential things for a better living.


Government can guarantee employment to its citizens if it practice a disciplined financial policy.

Fiscal policy involves regulating how government earned income and taxes should be spent across the nation in a way it will be beneficial to individual citizens.

And this can only be achieved by reducing corruption to its barest minimum in both public and private sectors.

Also the government while spending money or making budgets should give priority to most important sectors.

An in terms of budget surplus, it should be used to slow the pace of strong economic growth or stabilize the price of commodities when inflation is too high.

This ensure the growth of industries and there create much more employment opportunities to citizens.

Having a prudent fiscal policy in a country will help in promoting:

- Price stability: commodities will have a fixed price across the nation even when there is high inflation. This will help ease life for citizens and help them save more to enhance their individual businesses.

- Reduce corruption: fiscal policy will help reduce corruption in any country, and it generally believed that corruption kills country's economy an it's absence boost the economy. So implementing a prudent fiscal policy is a good step in tackling corruption in any country.

- Guarantee Employment: having a fiscal policy will guarantee employment to citizens, this is because corruption will be reduced to its barest minimum, and reducing corruption im public and private sector will yield more job opportunities in both sectors.

- Economic growth: with a fiscal policy, country's economy will be on a safer side, it will be on a low risk of experiencing recession and citizens will hardly experience hardship that inflation and hike in commodities price may result.


As said earlier, government alone cannot provide employment for the whole of its citizens, it need help from private industries and local or foreign investors.

Investments into a country does not only provide job opportunities to citizens of that country, but also boost its economic growth.

Therefore, it is advised that government should do everything possible to attract investors into the country to help lessen its burden on employment.

Having much local and foreign investors will help:

- Promote employment: many people will be employed by the investors in various sectors, even those who have not attended school can get employed as gate men, cleaners and other fitting opportunities. This will help reduce the rate of unemployment in a country.

- Boost economic growth: having investors in a country will help boost the economic growth of that country, and there providing another means through which the government will get income which is through tax.

- Promote international relationship: foreign investors can help strengthen the international relationship between the two countries, that is the investor's country and the country he invested in.


Another method through which government can guarantee employment to its citizens is by providing adequate social amenities.

Every social amenity have a role it played in securing job opportunity to the habitants of that place and there by eradicating poverty and hardship.

If you take good roads; by providing good roads government is directly helping and empowering drivers, as that is what drivers need most.

So also electricity, many businesses depend on electricity to operate smoothly, by having a steady electricity many people will find jobs of their interest.

Good water supply, agricultural emplowerment an other relate services are not an exception as well.

So if surely government want to fight unemployment, a good major to take is to provide social amenities to it's citizens.

Providing social amenities will help:

- Lessen hardship: it will help lessen hardship as most of the things we use today are produced using social amnities, water and electricity are good example. So if they can be provided abundantly the hike in commodity will reduce which will surely reduce hardship among cutizens.

- Promote employment: many jobs that require the use of social amenities will rise, an the citizens will no longer wait for government white collar jobs! This will help ease burdens of the government.

- Attract private investors: adequate social amenities will help attract private (local or foreign investors), most of those investors need good electricy supply and good water supply and other social amenities for the smooth running of their business, having adequate social amenities will give them a reason to invest in such country.


It is of no doubt that good governance is one of the factors that promote guaranteed employment.

Without good governance, all these factors listed above: free education, free medical care, prudent fiscal policy, local or foreign investors, adequate social amnities can never be achieved.

So it is not an option but rather an obligation for citizens to elect and vote for a responsible and good government to enjoy democracy at it's best.

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For any country to develop or prosper the rate of employment should out-number the rate of unemployment, and this is neither a sky rocket science nor an automated process, but rather something to be well planned.

Measures need to be taken and plans need to be made and implemented to achieve the desired goal.

Unemployment is a problem that requires urgency and need to be given a maximum consideration as it can lead to kidnapping, banditry, killing, theft, robbery an other illegal terroristic activities that will bring a set back to country's development.

This is why this article listed many possible ways through which government can ackle the issue of unemployment starting from providing free education, free medical care, prudent fiscal policy, attracting imvetors, providing adequate social amenites and ensuring a fair and good governance.

By implementing these above mentioned methods and other methods as well, we believe unemployment can be reduced to it's barest minimum

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