duties and obligations of democratically elected government

Every democratically elected government have a duty it is expected to perform, this duty is different from the campaign promises they took before they are elected.


Citizens elect or vote and a government into power to help them provide their necessities for living including good water supply, tight security, adequate electricity and many more.


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These duties are what each and every citizen expects to get from the government.

These duties and obligations are compulsory for the government to satisfy, they are very important for the survival of both the members of the society and the government. When the citizens who elected people into various offices perform their respective duties and obligation as good citizens, it therefore becomes the duties and obligations of the government to protect the interest of the citizens.


The duties and obligations are many, but broadly it can be categorized as:












Apart from the fact that the fundamental rights of the citizens are protected, the above listed duties and obligations of the government to their citizens must also be protected.


Without the protection of these on behalf of the citizens, the principles of democracy and social justice, on which the relationship between the government of any country and the people is based will not be achieved.


We can therefore refer to duties and obligations of government, in other words, it is the performance of these obligations that will justify the existence of government, if a government does not perform these obligations, then there is no need for government.



1.       Security 

As earlier stated, the primary and main purpose or responsibility of government is to ensure the security of its citizens.


If there is no security against both internal and external aggression, the people will be living in fear, they will not be able to perform their day to day activities in peace and harmony.


Internal security implies that people are protected against people who might want to infringe on their fundamental rights, when you are not sure that your neighbor will not attempt to kill you, you will find it difficult to go out of your house for whatsoever reason, but if you are however sure that when your neighbor attempts to kill or harm you, the government will intervene to give you protection, then you will be able to go out for your normal activities will boldness and confidence.


On external security, if you are sure that there are armed forces ready to protect you against other countries that might want to wage war against your country, you will be confident of going out of your country, infact you will feel secured to visit other countries when the government assures you of your safety and security in other countries.


2.       Welfare

adequate water supply

It is also the duty and obligation of government to provide for the welfare of the citizens, people need good roads, water supply, electricity and adequate medical attention so as to perform their daily activities. If they do not have these, the existence of the people cannot be guaranteed.


People need adequate water supply to carry out their day to day activities, they need to drink, cook, bath, wash clothes and many more important things, infact one can’t live without water.


Electricity is also very important, as we need it in almost everything, cooking, cooling, source of light, ironing and many more important things, so providing an uninterrupted power supply is one of the duties and obligations government should pay attention to.


Health care is also an important sector the government should pay attention and focus on, without health nothing can be done, upgrading health care sectors by providing facilities equipments and qualified health care workers is a duty of the government, which should be given a maximum consideration.


Where a government cannot provide for the welfare of its citizens, the government cannot justify its existence, the people have stated in the constitution that these are some of their basic needs, the people elected the government to provide these needs; the government is the representative of the people in the provision of these basic amenities.


3.       Maintenance of Law and Order

Maintaining law and order

It is the duty of the government to maintain law and order in the society, the government as the representative of the people and a neutral body that can enhance peace among two or more opposing groups should maintain law and order in the society.


The government should establish law enforcement agencies which would ensure that the laws of the society are respected and obeyed, the government will take care of those who want to infringe on other people’s rights, for example, if someone steals your property, it is not right for you to beat the person or steal the persons property in return, you must report to the law enforcement agency(the police in this case), who will investigate the matter, when they find out that the person actually stole your property, he would be told to replace it or the matter will be taken to court where it would be resolved, if the person is found guilty, he would be asked to return your property and then fined or even be jailed.


4.       Provision of Education

Education is the backbone and bedrock of development in any country, no county develop without proper education, its provision to every citizen is not an option but a must to every government.


It is the duty and obligation of government to provide free, compulsory and universal education, all children must be allowed to go to school by the time they are five years of age.


Our parents have no reason, therefore for not allowing their children to go to school, this is because they will not spend anything on their children’s education.


When the children have access to basic education, they would be able to read and write and nobody can cheat them, they would also know their rights, understand the limitations of these rights, and respect other people’s rights, through these, there will be peace in the society.


It is also the responsibility of government to provide free secondary education, free university education and free adult literacy programme.


5.       Economic Survival of Citizens

Government’s duties also include the enhancement of people’s survival, government should ensure that the human and natural resources of the country are used only for the good of the people of this country.


It should also ensure that all citizens work in the country, the government should make sure that the conditions are just and humane.


Providing empowerment schemes and programmes which will help small business owners through loans, financial aid and many will help in developing the economic survival of the citizens, and will decrease their dependence on the government for employment.


People should also be able to work in any part of the country, and must not be discriminated against either because of their sex, religion or ethnic group.


6.       Obligations to the Mass Media

The press, radio, television and other agencies through which information may be collected and/or disseminated must be allowed to function properly.


The mass media has the right to defend the rights of the people and can hold their opinions; they may inform the people about the activities of government in terms of the extent to which the government has performed its responsibilities.


The media can also make government accountable to the people who elected them.


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Government is formed to cater for citizen’s needs and necessities of living; it is their obligation and duties.


Citizens vote under sun and rain just to ensure they brought government into power, and best way to pay them back as a courtesy for their tireless effort, sacrifice and dedication is for the government to perform its obligation.


Ensuring Security, provide an adequate water supply, uninterrupted power supply, other social amenities, maintaining law and order are some of the things the citizens yearn for, it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that they meet the demands of their citizens.


Performing these obligations will help reduce political apathy which will help develop nation’s politics, ensure security and welfare of citizens, develop the economy of that country and will encourage the citizens to perform their own obligations and duties with confidence.


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