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 This very mighty article is on the title "self-respect" where you will read the basics and meaning of self-respect in detail.

     Self-respect on its own means behaving honorary with grace and dignity and so also having confidence in yourself.

   Self-respect also means respecting yourself and maintaining your dignity without giving any other person the ability or courage to disrespect you as self-respect is also the respect you have for yourself.

   In respecting any other person, you must respect yourself too. A person with self-respect is that one that is very ready to take the basic responsibility of himself, fight for his beliefs and values so that everyone should admire him with his full courage.

   A person having self-respect doesn't compare himself with others and never feels jealous when others are quite respectful, quite different from him, and quite different from his skills and personality.

   Self-love, feeling good all the time, valuing own attributes, skills, fashions, and talents is due to self-respect. When a person's belief and values reflect his skills and he from all angle stick to them without having any intention of changing them for anyone is also self-respect.

   The most powerful item a person has is his tongue, so a person having self-respect does respect his words, he doesn't lie, he actually says his words at right time and at the right place.

   A person with self-respect does respect himself, others even his younger ones, his words, his interests, his values, his fears, his failures, his time, goals and dreams, his feelings, his actions, etc. You don't actually need to meet someones else need before you enjoy yourself and take good care of yourself, so as a person with self-respect you have to respect your need first before other peoples need.

   Discipline means doing the right thing at the right time so a person with discipline is a person with self-respect.

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There are so many ways a person can follow and many things one can do to boost and improve his self-respect, below are some of the most important listed and explained:


The first and most important factor that determines one's self-respect is choosing self-respect.

But did I mean by chose self-respect?

To earn respect for yourself you first have to make up your mind that you need it, you deserve it and you will surely get to earn it.

This single-sentence explanation consists of three (3) parts:

You need it: It is obvious if you didn't get what you don't need, and coincidence if you get it, to make the probability of you getting it rose high you need o make up your mind, make yourself believe that you need it.

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You deserve it: We all yell when we were expecting something big but end up getting something otherwise, a good example is when you are expecting 100 in exams but ended up getting 65, you will feel like why on earth did I get below 100, that was my target! And what will happen is you will be determined to try harder to achieve your goal.

The same is applied here, you want self-respect, but you have made yourself believe that you deserve it, that way you will work hard to achieve it.

Earn it: once you realize that you need it, and you believe that you deserve it, the next is to work for it and earn it, nothing is free, self-respect isn't also, you have to work for it.


The next step is to respect yourself, you may ask, why must I respect myself? That isn't an option as long as you want self-respect!

How do you expect others to respect you when you don't even respect yourself! Sounds funny right? But hats he fac.

So before anyone else, respect yourself.

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Haven't done it yet? don't do it please

oh! You've been doing i.. its time to stop it

The truth is most people treat you in the way you treat yourself, you call yourself stupid in their front! they have no other choice than to believe yes you are actually stupid, after all, it isn't their fault you refer to yourself as such.

So to boost your self-esteem, you need to stop making deprecating comments about yourself.


There is a popular saying "treat others in a way you want them to treat you".

Many people if not all do treat others the way they treat them, treat one good and he will treat you good also, treat him bad and he will treat you bad also,

So the basic idea is, respect others' personalities and they will respect yours.


The final is to keep a journal... but what for?!

To trail your progress... write down each and everything you did that help boost your self-esteem and those that reduce your self-esteem, track your performance daily, and see how you are doing, by doing so you will know your deficiency and how to resolve it.

    Respect yourself and live free.

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