Dear reader!, i prayed that you find this article helpful as it is something that has to do with life affairs, in this life it is not everyone that really knows what a friendship is and as well who a friend is. In this write up you will get to know the basic meaning of friend and who real friends are.

One very thing i have learned and noticed more in this life is how difficult a person can make a true or real friend.


Before going deep i will like to give the meaning of friend and along the way friendship:

Friend is that person who knows almost everything regarding your life affairs.

A friend is that person who knows every little thing about your life and yourself in person.

A friend is he who knows when to scold you, correct you, put you in the right and when to pamper you knowing that you are wrong.

A friend is that person who knows when to impress you, appreciate you and acknowledge your presence knowing how important you are.

If i will not stop my pen it will not stop writing the meaning of friends because with common sense the meaning of friend is more than how a person can think of, or if i may say its infinity.


Along the way, friendship is a relationship of intact and mutual affection between two or more people, friendship relationship is a stronger form of interpersonal relationship than an association in a community.

Friendship is paramount, good and necessary because a person can't live all alone, he needs some one to share his joys and sorrows as friends are always in need of support from each other.

Most people find friends at a very young age and almost all friends from younger age are the real and caring friends ever, though its harder for others to maintain childhood friendship due to some life obstacles that may come across.

People who are friends always like to spend time together, trust one another, help each other when they are hurt or in trouble.

Friends are those people who have similar interests, admires each others skill and encourage each other to make right choices in life and always aim not to be involve in any sort of trouble.


Along the way, in the association of more than two friend, best friend are involve, best friend have stronger relationship than other friends, best friend can usually be achieved by possessing the elements of friendship at its stronger bond by being kind, generous,  loyal, honest and most importantly having fun together.

Your real friend challenge you to grow as well grow with you because they motivate and inspire you to continue growing as a person.

Real friend listen and support you when you feel pain and hardship because real friends never leave you when you are going through hard time.

Real friends help you celebrate your accomplishment. surround yourself with people that lift you up not with toxic people that do become jealous and insecure when you are doing well.

Dear readers!  Its important you surround yourself with the real people that will serve as your friends, know who to trust and whose opinion you will trust and accept.


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